Join us for our midweek Lenten series
Christ On Trial” Worship Series                         

Meal at 5:45pm Service at 7:00pm
Beginning Ash Wednesday, February 14th at 7:00pm we will listen in each week as court is in session to determine who Christ is.
Christ most certainly WAS on trial. Two thousand years have come and gone since Caiaphas and Pilate passed judgment on Jesus in Jerusalem. And though the verdict passed down at that trial was a miscarriage of justice, the result fulfilled God's purpose: to save the world by     sacrificing his Son. Christ most certainly IS on trial. His saving act, his being in the world, his radical teachings all demand a reaction. Every human heart must wrestle with questions like: Who is this Christ? Is he who he claims to be? If so, what does he mean for me and my living?

Feb 14—Ash Wednesday—Opening Statements
Feb 21—Week 1—Matthew
Feb 28—Week 2—A Woman Healed
March 7—Week 3—Nicodemus
March 14—Week 4—An Adulterous Woman
March 21—Week 5—John
March 29—Maundy Thursday—Simon Peter  (No meal service)
March 30 -Good Friday—Closing Arguments (No meal service)

Bible study with Pastor Scott will resume on Wednesday evenings after Lent. We will be offering am/pm classes.   



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